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150 years from 1864 to 2014


A smale overview – 1864 to 2014:


The operation "Georg Huber - Slurry Technology" has now existed since 1864 in the nearly 5th generation and is based in Kirchheim (Tittmoning). At that time still lay on the old road salt Berchtesgaden - Passau through the village.
The beginnings of the company amounted to the production of horse fittings and wagon wheels - and later included repairs of agricultural equipment. This was led by the forge existing today.

In the 70s, the father (blacksmith) began development of slurry mixers and so was from the old forge a small agricultural machinery workshop. As early as 1976 it was decided in the specialization of slurry treatment. The first slurry mixers are built in the same year.
Three years later, the first slurry pump with PTO and a half year later was made with an electric motor.
Developed in 1978 to the first "Güllebelüfter" to speed up fermentation and appreciation of the manure.



As in the 90s, the first biogas plants were built, the need for CO2 neutral energy was recognized and it created the first agitators for biogas plants.
2005 from the Georg Huber today Georg Huber GmbH & Co. KG.
Since the operation of a photovoltaic system was dealing with environmental impact for years 2012 built on a warehouse, is covered with the help of the internal electricity consumption in half. Each month, saving about two tons of CO2.
Main focus in our company in the construction of pumping and agitators. These pumps and agitators are custom-made to each customer.
Also for treatment plants accessories for pumping and mixers are made, which are now distributed worldwide.
A minor niche in the operation is the so-called contract manufacturing in sheet metal forming and turning and milling.


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