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Contract Manufacturing

We also manufacture parts and assemblies in small and large quantities to your liking. According to drawings and sketches.


We take their turning, milling, bending, welding and cutting operations. With our huge machinery park do not hestitate to dispose of conventional and CNC manufacturing and the construction can be assumed.

Our machine park

Our machine park currently consists of about 50 large and small metal working machines

1x Plasma manuel

1x Plasma CNC

5x turning machine

1x CNC turning machine

7x drill press

1x tube turning maschine

9x welder

1x Folding

1x Plate Shear

1x prisms Folding

1x Rundlauf Schweißtisch


1x CNC milling machine

3x Round bending machine

2x punching machine

2x circular saw

1x NC Hacksaw

1x Hacksaw

1x Drill Grinding Machine

3x milling machine

3x Universal Press

1x Sandblaster

4x Other sheet metal working machines

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